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i’m just going to curl up in bed all day with my cats while they watch the birds…because they’ve never called me a bitch, or told me how meaningless i was.

Story of my life…

Rule #1: Don’t get attatched to the new people you meet. They never stay.

If you say that your scared about the Andromeda Galaxy crashing with the Milky Way Galaxy because you think its gonna happen in our lifetime, your stupid, don’t join our conversation.


Cat selfies

So it looks like I am what I made myself to be all along. A loner who doesn’t care if they make contact with a friend or not, even though I know I should make contact because their the only person other than my significant other that I know will listen. But then again they dont. I recieved an essay email about how i dont try or put effort into our friendship. Fuck, i dont know! I have a problem with keeping and maintaining friends. But then I look at other people’s friends and wish I had a close knit bond like what I see around me. Curse this. Fuck.

Went on a double date with people I actually connect with. I became an extrovert immediatley. Only for them. They commented on how I was so funny and saucy. I told stopped them and told them how they have no idea how I really am a total introvert. I don’t see friends, I don’t make plans, I spend weekends alone, and so on. I am a professional introvert. Anyway, I basically told them how I don’t really like a lot of people…but when I find the ones I do connect with, you are my best friend. You are the one I love to be with but never make plans to…sigh.

He asks me what I want. I say I want him. But deep inside, I really want a best friend…other than him.

And here I am again in the once cinemastar parking lot. Eating the food he doesn’t want me to eat from taco bell. Listening to classical music and thinking about how lonely I really am.


Robin Cerutti

Wet exploration

Made a video of my two cats! Just them going about their day with accompanying music. Enjoy!